Our curriculum is grounded in daily and seasonal activities and cycles of nature.  Together we garden, prepare and preserve food, cook, make apple cider and maple syrup, care for farm animals and bees, blacksmith, study the natural history of our forests and streams, cut firewood and more. We measure boards, calculate prices, and make change; we recite poetry, sing, draw, paint, write and perform.  Academics are integrated with activities and assignments are individualized to the child’s age and ability.


The following areas are engaged pedagogically in our programming:

  • Movement that engages the will and energizes the limbs and rhythmic system
  • Animal care that builds empathic connection, supports a sense of responsibility and provides large and small motor challenges 
  • Cutting firewood for our yurts, supporting capacities of cooperation and service to the group, along with practical experience with tools, physical development, and understanding the qualities of different species of tree
  • Main lesson academics that develop skills in the areas of writing, spelling, reading, and mathematics
  • Will-based projects oriented toward practical work, ranging from blacksmithing to gardening, that develop a balanced sense of self through integrating thinking with practical achievement and artistic beauty
  • Developmentally-aligned arts and crafts ranging from hand-sewing to moccasin-making  
  • Horse riding and horse care providing lessons in respect and empathy, self-control and responsibility
  • Mealtime social goals of listening, participating in polite conversation, etiquette, sharing, taking care of others and cleaning up after oneself, along with nutritional awareness
  • Recess emphasizing responsible social engagement with free play and exploration of the natural world